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Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my site!! The one stop shop for who I am, what I’m about and where I’m going. I will try and keep you all updated on the happenings as much as I can, for booking info and any questions you may have, hit me up on my contact page and I will get back to you within the hour, promise! In the meantime, this IS my bio page so I have some fun facts about me below, as well as a fun article I was recently featured in! Check it! peace. love. <3

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Nickname: Close friends and Fam call me “B”

Hometown/Current Town: Maple Valley, WA/ North Hollywood

3 Things You Can NOT Live Without: My family, Carmex, a Hair Tie (my hair is cray cray!)

Occupation? Actress

How Long Have You Been Doing It For? I feel like I cant put a number on how long Ive been acting because I feel like Ive been doing it my whole life with friends and family whether its making home videos, "moc"umentaries or just telling stories.

Tell Us, What brought you to Cali? More opportunity brought me here. I love acting! LOVE IT! Acting is all I want to do and the film and television opportunities are right here. I talked about coming to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams for YEARS, I finally said “you know what, now is the time. Now or never” I packed up my clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup and drove down here by myself. Seattle is definitely home, its just not the place for me right now.

How has your Experience in Cali been so far? Its been great! I know I am in the right place, everything thus far has literally been falling into place. I landed a job within the first week I was down here and other job opportunities are in the works as well. With acting, there is A LOT to learn but I’m on the right track and it might sound a little Hallmark-ish but I couldnt ask for better beginning to my journey, I am so happy to be here.

Working on any Projects or Upcoming Auditions you can share with our Readers? I just landed my first theater role in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! Very nervous and excited at the same time, stage scares the hell out of me but no doubt it will be a fun and challenging adventure. All of my upcoming events and news articles are always posted on my website so readers can catch up and send messages through my site: www.blythehowardonline.com

Any Directors you would Like to Work with? Quentin Tarantino for sure, he’s filming a few scenes here in the area for his upcoming feature Django Unchained. Not gonna lie, I signed on to be an extra so I can experience what its like to work with him. Tyler Perry, brilliant and creative! Timur Bekmambetov he directed one of my favorite thrillers Wanted, Christopher Nolan who directed Inception and of course Steven Spielberg and that’s by default ;)

Are there Differences in Auditioning between Movie, TV and Commercial Roles? As an actor you want to be as prepared as you can be going into any audition. If your given sides within 24 hours or more before your audition, you better have that ish memorized because cold reading sucks. Be you, be prepared, its all the same

Do you Favor One over the Other? Right now, I do them all! A lot of actors shy away from doing commercial work but in reality there are a lot more of them and will probably pay more of your bills. You just have to land the role :) and that’s the hardest part.

Do you have any Rituals before an Audition? Don’t think. Going into a room full of people who are going for the same role, look like me, are dressed like me, if I think about any of that I’m going to psych myself out, because by then I’m already thinking “oh the girl with lighter brown eyes is probably going to get the role. Because she has lighter eyes” But no, eff that. Don’t think. Im so focused, I don’t look I don’t even TALK to anybody in those waiting rooms, the only people I care about are the ones in the other room who make the decision. And that’s, that.

What Pressures/Challenges do Women typically face in the Industry? Wow, where to begin! Lol. There are a lot of pressures for everyone! Walking anorexic Barbie Dolls everywhere I go! No but, of course I think about being a woman of color in the industry like, Ill always be cast as “the best friend” or “Blythes too thick to be the lead” or “she’s not black enough” or “too black” there will always be challenges!! At the end of the day I am just trying to stay completely focused on myself and do the things I need to do to be successful at this, I’m too busy working on material or working in general to dwell on mumbo jumbo. And you know what, as actors we welcome challenges all the time! So bring it! I came here for a specific reason and I’ve never been more ready.

What has been the Most Challenging Part about being an Actress/Model through your Experiences? Figuring out the industry, the ins and outs. It is true what they say, its not WHAT you know but WHO you know. This is very true and there’s almost a science to it because no one shares information with each other, its all very mysterious. Lol

Would you ever work Behind the Camera as a Director or Writer? At this point in my career I am solely focusing on this side of the lens but, I wont out rule it. Maybe one day.



 Blythe Howard: Actress, Host, Model

Born in Seattle Washington and graduated from Tahoma High School where Blythe was an All- State Volleyball and Fastpitch player, and received Athlete of the Year honors. She attended Washington State University where she studied Broadcast Journalism. She was honored with Top Female Talent for Cable 8 Productions for Television and Film. Chosen out of 25,000 people Blythe was a Guest VJ on MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL) alongside Damian Fahey. She then went on to attend the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where her emphasis was in acting for Film. Blythe has appeared in various Indie films. She has also appeared in several national commercials for products like Dannon Yogurt, Verizon and Precor International Fitness (see resume) Voted Miss Congeniality and placed in the Top 10 at The Miss Washington USA Pageant, Blythe has modeled in and around the Seattle area. Blythe lives in Los Angeles where she works as an actress.

Trade Mark: Big Curly hair Trivia: Daughter of former NFL Football star, Ron Howard and popular Internet Radio Host, Kim Kelly. Sister: Kesley Howard



2015 BodyBuilding.com "My Next Level" Challenge Winner

2013 MeltingPot Inc. "Beauty Of The Month"

2012 "Woman of the Month" Swagger and Young Apparel

2008 Top 10 Miss Washington USA

Miss Washington USA beauty pageant

2007 Best Female Talent

Cable 8 Productions

2007 VJ For A Day Winner - MTV (Total Request Live)

MTV’s Total Request Live winner out of 25,000 contestants!

2003 Miss Congeniality and Top 10

Miss Washington USA beauty pageant.