The TV Drama "POLE MAGIC" is on it's way we are having a blast on set with everyone , we have the best cast and crew also Directors Brian Hooks, Charles"Sharp" Duran and Isiah Flores are killing it with this great stroy written by Darien Smith,Ev Duran and Legend Entertainer Dana Dane. So if you like 50 cents show "POWER" "THE PLAYERS CLUB" and "THE SOPRANOS" you're going to love this show COMING 2015! A drama that explores the underground world of strip clubs. It's a journey into the life of the women who work there and there struggle to break free of the life and money.

I play lead as Kimberly Porter - smart, beautiful, she’s a businesswoman first; has been on her own from a very young age when her father was murdered working with some of the same people who she’s in business with now; owns and runs the strip club; successful with everything she does, a true boss!